Employment law

Beatrice Wrede practices in the areas of individual and collective employment law.

The focus is to provide advice and counsel to employers, executives and works council members in the practice areas of individual and collective employment law and related practice areas. The high professional qualification and specialization and the exchange with clients guarantees integrated and optimal client services and representation.

Beatrice Wrede advises and gives ongoing support to enterprises in different issues, as restructurings, reorganizations, negotiations on the settlement of conflicting interests and redundancy schemes (social plans), in-company legal issues with the works council, dismissals or termination agreements an other issues of individual employment law from unfavourable treatment and discrimination to employer's reference.

All questions rising in case of company successions, the implementation of Compliance Guidelines or the verification of the company's handling in accordance with those requirements, reporting about changing laws and jurisdiction is also part of Beatrice Wrede's work.

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